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Working around COVID19 – How to get your business online in 2020

Set up eCommerce for physical products

Online ordering is a top priority for retailers and restaurants. You don’t have to build a crazy complex eCommerce site to make it happen, either. It can be a simple landing page that allows customers to purchase your service or products during this stressful time.

You could build a simple website showing available products (for retailers) or menu items (for restaurants). Then embed a form on that page to take orders and payments quickly and securely.

If you’re using WordPress, most form plugins have payment gateway add-ons, e.g. for Stripe. You could also use a tool like Gravity Forms, which works with WordPress and handles payment integration out of the box.

Connect your clients with local delivery and fulfillment services for in-demand products. This is where you can lean into your strengths as a technical problem solver and help your local area. How can you collect orders and track deliveries? It could be as simple as using an Excel spreadsheet or an online spreadsheet using Google Sheets.

If you have a restaurant, get set up with services like DoordashGrub Hub or Uber Eats. These services handle orders and delivery, and they’ll put you in front of new customers. You could also look at integrated POS solutions like ChowNowToast or TouchBistro that connect with the delivery services.

Online alternatives for service providers

What if you sell time instead of products, how do you handle that? You will need a way for your customers to book appointments on your website. Tools like Square offer solutions for online booking and payment collection with no cost other than the processing fee.

Some clients, like HVAC technicians or landscapers, will need to be on-site to do their work. Service providers who don’t need to be physically present can use virtual meetings instead. Set up with a tool like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams. These all have dial-in options, so customers aren’t forced to use a separate app for audio. You can share files, talk, share your computer screen all from the comfort of your home.

Virtual classes & online courses are great for fitness studios and other training-centric businesses. There are plenty of WordPress solutions for building membership sites like these.

Some popular course plugins include LearnDashLifterLMS, and Sensei for WooCommerce. For more flexibility, check out Restrict Content ProMemberful and WPComplete.


In conclusion

Why not take advantage of the tools that you already have at your fingertips? If you want to have a high performing website and business you have to be competitive and get in front of potential customers! If you need help, Contact the Valley List and our professionals will get the work done when you don’t have the time to do it.

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