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Web Hosting

For your online needs including SQL, Website, Email, & Custom Apps. Our hosting comes fully secured and includes SSL. At the Valley List, we pride ourselves in ensuring your site’s security and performance are at it’s highest level with our top-of-the-line web hosting

  • Email plans to fit your business needs
  • Security included (Anti-malware, Anti-spam, Brute Force Protection)
  • Custom Hosting for apps & SQL Databases

Why Web Hosting?

Safe & Secure

Security is a must, with all the hacks and infections across the internet. Making sure your data is safe and your website doesn’t get hacked is very important to your users and your brand. You don’t want to be known as the company with the hacked website that shows ads for medication all over the front page.

Our team is available to help with any existing infections and help you secure your website going forward so you don’t have anymore problems.

Team Support

Instead of trying to understand and manage these things yourself, you can have a team at your fingertips to contact if you have any problems or questions. We do this every day and don’t expect you to know every aspect of cloud hosting. We don’t know how to run your business and we’re not going to try!

Our team is going to work with you on a personal basis to solve any problems and keep you running in tip-top shape! How can we help you today?

Better Stats & Control

Included in all hosting plans are resource and traffic tracking modules. This allows us to monitor your hosting and website to make sure they are performing properly. We can also share this information with you, the customer, or provide nice monthly performance reports.

Our team works hard to maintain high-quality services and products so that the customer gets what they pay for. No more paying for worthless junk!

Hosting Protection
Web Forms, FTP Uploads, Brute Force Attacks, SQL Injection, Installed malware detection, firewall
Preventative Maintenance
Big words that mean we fix it before your website goes down.
Performance Reports

We can provide a performance report upon request, just ask!

Fast Page-Load

We are constantly working on upgrades that will help your website load faster, and you don’t need to do anything!

Device Compatible

High-quality web hosting to support any application or website so it can perform on any device types.

Website Access

With all plans, you keep full access to your website so that you can do whatever you need to, whenever you need to. We’re always here to help, too!


Web Hosting Plans


Great for General Websites or Small Apps
$ 29.99 / month
  • 10,000 Visits per month;
  • One Website;
  • 5GB Storage;
  • 5GB Bandwidth/mo;
  • Fast Support;
  • SSL Certificate Included.
  • Cloudflare Included.


Best Performing WordPress only Hosting
$ 49.99 / month
  • 25,000 Visits per month;
  • Up To 5 Website;
  • 10GB Storage;
  • 50 GB Bandwidth/mo;
  • Fast Support;
  • SSL Certificate Included.
  • Cloudflare Included.

Dedicated Server

Your own dedicate hosting server
$ 99 / month
  • Unlimited Bandwidth/mo;
  • Unlimited Websites;
  • Custom Storage Limits;
  • Dedicated IP Address;
  • Fast Support;
  • Exclusive Account Rep.
  • Cloudflare Included.

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