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Looking For A Top-Tier Web Design Company In Marietta? Here’s What You Need To Know.


There are two types of local businesses or brands considering a web design company in Marietta:

You’re building your first ever website.


You’re upgrading your current online home.

In some instances, your business might not have needed a website until now. In which case, you’re in the right place. The Valley List is the top web designer in Marietta that focuses on helping local businesses like yours enter the online space with some oomph.

Now, you’re faced with a couple of options when developing and designing a new website. You can go to Wix or another similar website builder. Or, you can build from scratch.

Although we are a top web design company in Marietta, we totally understand the allure of a templated website builder like Wix. Before we examine what to look for in a web design company in Marietta, we’ll discuss the idea of using Wix versus hiring a web designer.


Hiring The Best Web Designer In Marietta Vs. A  Wix Website

Let’s address the elephant in the room right away. The main “selling point” of Wix is that it offers free website-building capabilities and templates.

If your business’s website needs are minimal, Wix might work for you. However, we stress the word “minimal.”

Accepting the free features as “good enough” on Wix means your branding will almost be non-existent. The only potential for your brand’s identity to shine through is through your web copy.

Unfortunately, visually-based content/branding is far more engaging and eye-catching than the written word alone. That’s backed by science: images are processed by our brains 60,000 times faster than text.

So, regardless of the quality of your web copy, it can’t overcome the lack of visual branding.

There are ways your brand can shine through a bit better on a Wix site–but the free price goes out the window. Even when paying, the capabilities of Wix are limited. They have their performance levels and features, which you’re stuck with.

This notion of limited capabilities with Wix even extends to search engine optimization. At best, if you’re in a very uncompetitive niche, the SEO features on Wix can work to your advantage.

Provided your market is more competitive, Wix won’t do you any favors with SEO. Limited SEO functionality means you’ll have difficulty ranking on Google searches relevant to your company, products, and services.

In a nutshell, a free Wix site (or even a paid one) can work in very specific situations. Sadly, the moment you have competition or your brand needs a bit more freedom to shine, a top web designer in Marietta is a far superior choice.


What If You Already Have A Website?

We’ll start with the disclaimer that this section doesn’t apply to Wix users.

Conversely, if you have a non-templated website that needs anything from a spruce-up to a full-on overhaul, The Valley List is here to help.

After all, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Especially when you’ve already laid the foundation for success with your current website. The Valley List will improve upon weaknesses and enhance strengths, ensuring your business’s online presence remains top of mind for your target customers.

With all this said, what should your company be looking for if you want to work with an excellent web design company in Marietta?


The Signs Of An Excellent Web Designer


A Great Web Designer Is An Excellent Collaborator


A great web designer will know how to get you excited about the whole process, even if you’re inexperienced with websites and apprehensive. They’ll work with you to design a website that presents your company the way you’ve always dreamt of.

That doesn’t mean you need to suddenly become a master of web design or coding. It just means your ideal web designer asks you the right questions and gives life to your answers, staying true to your brand.

You could be a brick-and-mortar staple in town who’s never needed an online presence until now. A great website designer like The Valley List will take every ounce of history and energy in your store and convey it on your website.

We can bolster your online brand at The Valley List because we listen to you and learn every last detail about your company. From the products you sell and the customers that you serve to your mission and value statements, we’ll immerse ourselves in it.


Your Ideal Web Designer In Marietta Is Creative And Innovative


A web designer shouldn’t be like the service staff at a restaurant. It’s not a matter of putting in your order for web design and receiving a steaming hot plate of online branding.

The web design process is its own lifeforce. It needs to keep evolving so that your website accomplishes all the objectives it’s supposed to. Both parties must be actively involved in these processes.

Thus, your chosen web designer shouldn’t just be a “yes” person, only giving you what you ask. Not that they’ll directly go against your wishes. Instead, they’ll use their design expertise to make your ideas more profitable and impactful in an online environment.

Ideally, the final product should blend the expertise of web designers and your vast knowledge of your business.

At The Valley List, we’ve earned our standing as the top web design company in Marietta by leveraging our expertise in conversion-focused web design. We supercharge the online presence of local brands because we’re actively involved in the digital branding process, voicing ideas that drive online revenues and recognition.


The Top Web Designer In Marietta Understands The Core Tenets Of Marketing


In and of itself, a website is a practice in marketing. It’s not merely a bunch of code, copywriting, and visual designs. These individual parts make a living, breathing sum that takes your company to the next level.

Your choice of web designer in Marietta must grasp the core fundamentals of online marketing. Otherwise, your site will amount to a virtual paperweight. You’ll be pouring money into something that doesn’t generate revenue or recognition, rendering it pointless if not a complete financial drain.

It’s worthing noting that someone can be a good designer but not a good marketer.

A balance must be struck between visually appealing design and what sells and keeps consumers engaged. Often, the two coincide, but they aren’t always the same. Your web design company of choice needs to know this vital difference.

The Valley List’s sole focus is designing websites that look professional, honor your vision, and grow your brand. Marketing is top of mind with every design decision we make.


A Web Designer In Marietta Deserving Of Your Business Knows Responsive Web Design

Did you know that nearly 95% of people just your website based on whether it has a responsive design?

Responsive design isn’t just the wave of the future–it’s dominating the present-day landscape, responding to the user’s environment and behavior based on:

● Orientation
● Platform
● Screen size

You want your website to be user-friendly whether a customer has accessed it via mobile device, laptop, iPad, etc. It should adjust resolution, scripting, and image size depending on the device used.

The world has changed drastically over the past decade. While laptops and desktops once dominated the web browsing space, that’s not the case anymore. In fact, in 2020 alone, almost 70% of all web traffic stemmed from mobile devices.

With the above stat in mind, you need your website to perform exceptionally well on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly site gives customers a positive experience to associate with your brand. More importantly, website visitors have one extra reason to shop with you.

Responsive design removes the need to design a separate mobile site, ensuring your website adapts. At The Valley List, we provide responsive web design solutions for your company, giving you a leg up over your competition.


Your Ideal Web Design Company In Marietta Has A Sterling Reputation

Your spending always needs to be strategic as a business owner.

Sure, every business investment you make is a gamble in some shape or form. That said, the best gamblers make safe bets.

Therefore, when you’re being courted by a web designer in Marietta, you shouldn’t take all their selling points at face value. Instead, you deserve proof of their performance. In the absence of that proof, they’re just making hollow promises.

The Valley List started in 2017 and has only grown and thrived since our inception, expanding our client list. Moreover, after 5 years, we still work with every client we’ve ever signed because they love our work that much.

Upon request, we’re happy to show you our work because we believe in backing up our talk with actions. Your investment in us will only pay off if we deliver on our promises, and that’s a responsibility we take to heart. Our passion is helping local businesses like yours thrive.

A Premier Web Designer In Marietta Will Work Within Your Budget And Still Deliver Quality

Part of our core mission at The Valley List is taking smaller companies and giving them big-time power with their website. We don’t want local businesses to get left behind just because they don’t have the budget of a Fortune-500 corporation.

Especially after the pandemic, where such organizations were often left out in the cold, our passion for bolstering small businesses’ online presence has grown.

We’ll work within your budget to provide you the best possible web design solutions. Better yet, the return we’ll help generate with our top-tier design will vastly outweigh the cost of our services.


The #1 Web Design Company In Marietta Will Educate You On Web Design

We’ll point out that we provide web maintenance services at The Valley List.

Still, we don’t want your company to be too reliant on us. That’s for your own sake.

Relying on us for every web design need doesn’t empower you to get the most from your online presence. As we’ve said, we’re in the business of empowering local companies like yours to reach new heights.

The above paragraph is our impetus to offer training sessions for our clients. We show our clients how to operate their websites. This way, they can change and adapt to trends in real-time, offering a leg up in today’s fast and furious, ever-changing landscape.

That isn’t to say we won’t be there for you after building your website. If you need anything, we’re here for you. It’s just important to us that you can make your website function at its best by yourself–as it’s the most efficient, cost-friendly, and return-forward approach.


Your Ideal Web Design Partner Understands The Challenges Your Business Faces

Business partnerships only flourish when a service provider intimately knows the companies it helps.

There can’t be any boundaries or gaps in this level of understanding. Your service provider must grasp your industry, geography, competition, and the hurdles you’re facing to give you the desired results.

Many of the companies we work with haven’t had the luxury of a professionally designed website. That’s a challenge we understand entirely. However, we also believe that all businesses–no matter their hurdles–need a professionally-designed website in 2022.

It can be difficult to go from digitally invisible to a fully-fleshed online presence in one fell swoop. Fortunately, this is a journey we’ve taken frequently with our clients since our inception in 2017.

At The Valley List, we help our clients transition from novices and rookies in the digital space into well-known online veterans. We know and appreciate your pain points and have specifically designed our services to overcome them.

Work With The Web Design Company In Marietta That’s Passionate About Supercharging Your Business’s Online Presence

There is no greater pleasure for us at The Valley List than signing on a client, designing their website, and watching their profits skyrocket. It’s our inspiration and our lifeblood.

Small businesses like yours deserve a leg up with their online presence, and we’re here to offer it.

With The Valley List by your side, bolstering your web presence, you’ll make a statement that you can compete with the “big companies.” All while staying true to your local roots.

Contact us today to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you and brainstorming how we can hit the ground running with your web design needs.