About Us

The Valley List is a family-owned business that focuses on valuing the right solution. Using modern designs and tools we provide high-quality Websites, SEO Optimization, and Website Maintenance. Started in 2017 we have grown into a skilled team reaching more clients in need of a company they can trust with their online presence. Don’t get left behind because you can’t afford “The Big Company,” we have custom packages to fit your budget and help you grow!


From the Owner – My philosophy is Quality and Integrity; I’m tired of agencies and freelancers giving the web industry a bad name. I want you to continue using our services because we do the best work, not because we’ve made the website so tricky to navigate that you’re forced to use my agency or another developer in the future. The Valley List is Passionate about getting your website done and making it something that will last!

I was excited to start my agency because it made me learn new techniques and grow as a professional in the online industry. I’ve learned a lot about this business, and I’m happy to be able to do something positive with it.

The people I hire to work with me are the same: passionate about what we do and what we stand for. This isn’t a game for us; it’s our livelihood and yours! Years later, I want each client to say, “Wow, these guys have my back.”

Most clients I’ve gained since I started my agency in 2017 we still work with. We stand by our work because this is our passion and what we’re good at. Instead of claiming that we do it all if you need something we can’t do, we’ll tell you and try to find someone who can!

Most projects end with a training session with the client to show them how to operate things. This ensures YOU can make changes in the future. This doesn’t mean we will say goodbye; we are available if you need help growing your website or business. However, I believe the client should be empowered to have the ability to do things on their own.

Josiah Partin

Josiah P.

President/Lead Developer

Originally born in San Diego CA, eventually finding my way to Marietta OH, I graduated from Washington State Community College in 2011 with a degree in Digital Technology and Support. I like to have a healthy attitude and incorporate my adventurous nature into finding new and better ways to do things at work. I have completed many courses, certifications, and degrees including; Google Advertising, Yoast SEO WordPress, CCNA, Computer Support, Digital Design, Networking and Infrastructure, Website Development, A+, Net+, Security+.

Fernando R.

Office Manager

Fernando is the office manager in Orlando, Florida, known for his dedication and organizational skills. Growing up in Orlando, he has a deep connection to the city. Beyond the office, Fernando enjoys exploring Orlando’s cultural offerings and the city’s natural beauty. His commitment to success and his passion for his hometown make him an invaluable member of the community.

Natalie D.


A valued member of the billing department, is passionate about two things in life: traveling and spending quality time with her family. Raised in a family that cherished adventure and togetherness, Natalie’s career in finance perfectly complements her love for exploring new places and creating lasting memories with loved ones. In the office, she’s known for her meticulous work, while outside of work always ready for the next journey or family gathering. Natalie B embodies the balance between professional dedication and personal fulfillment, making her a cherished colleague and family member alike.

Chris and Taryn

Chris J.

Project Manager

An active, dedicated father to his lovely boys. Chris is a disabled Army Veteran who goes above and beyond to keep our customers happy with the least stress possible. Great customer service and communication are always my top priorities, along with being prompt and getting the job done right the first time. Chris has an Associate of Applied Business in Digital Tech / Computer Support. Now, he specializes in project management, but has a wide range of skills in customer service as well. Chris is always happy to help in any way he can.

Steve D.

Senior Developer

An MBA graduate with 14 years’ IT and Strategy Consulting expertise, adept at high-stress management and problem-solving. Passionate about travel, driving, and culinary arts. Specializing in Web and mobile app development, I thrive in navigating complex challenges. My journey blends strategic acumen with a penchant for technology, delivering innovative solutions. An enthusiast of diverse interests, I bring a unique blend of skills honed through professional expertise and personal passions, fueling a dynamic approach to problem-solving and innovation.

Zeeshan S.

Senior Designer

A creative artist and a nature lover while being a responsible person for his family. Zeeshan likes to visit natural beauty areas of interest. The design field is his passion and he is an expert in this field. Zeeshan has 9+ years of experience in website, mobile, and creative graphical illustrations and well versed grip on all latest tools like: Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Adobe XD, Invision, Zeplin and Adobe Premier.


Answers to Your Questions

It’s in the name. Once your website is complete, it needs ongoing maintenance to be the very best.
Sure! If you have lots of spare time when you’re at work to learn how to be a web developer. In most cases, you’ll need an experienced web expert to help you with the advanced tasks.

We have the ability to keep costs down by skipping the design phase but it can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months depending on your website needs. 

Depending on what your goals are with your website, you need to make sure that you’re updating the website. Performance, Content, SEO, & More. Otherwise, your website will become old and the search engines will lower you down the ladder. Your customers will also have a poor experience and encounter broken things.

We provide hosting to meet your needs from a small business to a corporation. Our hosting has Security included (Anti-malware, Anti-spam, Brute Force Protection), backups, SSL, and CPanel access at no extra cost. At The Valley List, we will recommend the best suitable hosting for your requirements, or we can also help you with your existing provider if you already have one.

We provide maintenance that will allow you to keep your focus on your business rather than on your website. We will keep the site updated, backed up, and make small content changes during your website maintenance.