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3 Web-Based Projects That Will Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

Are you ready to grow your customer base, increase revenue, and take your business ventures to the next level? It may be time to develop an app, create an e-commerce website, and pay for professional blogging services. To learn more about these three web-based projects and how to hire the help you need to grow your small business, read on!

App Development

As stated on, there are several important reasons to develop a mobile app for your small business, with increased online visibility, greater brand recognition, and improved engagement between customers being just a few of them. Depending on the nature of your small business, you could develop an app for a customer loyalty program, shopping and placing orders, or responding to customer inquiries and complaints.


Since COVID-19 began, e-commerce and online ordering have become crucial to the success of small businesses, especially those who’ve had to close their physical locations to the public. Even as retail stores, restaurants, and other small businesses begin to reopen, however, things like online ordering, delivery, and curbside pickup will remain popular. As such, it may be time to create an e-commerce store for your small business if you haven’t already done so.


Some possible uses for your e-commerce store include:


  • Selling physical products, memberships, event tickets, and digital gift cards.
  • Offering consultations, appointment booking, and digital products (like online courses, lessons, and videos).


Regular blogging is another web-based project that can help to grow small businesses, improve search engine optimization (SEO), strengthen customer relationships, and increase traffic to your website. Plus, you can always hire a writer to assist you if you don’t have the time or writing skills needed to create frequent blog content for your business website.

Hire a Freelancer to Complete These Projects and More

Once you’re ready to tackle these three web-based projects, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to bring on a full- or- part-time employee — or a freelancer. Freelancers are beneficial to small businesses in a number of ways, largely because of the flexibility in their work schedules and minimal overhead costs. Plus, you can usually hire a trustworthy freelancer without conducting a background check.


A few types of freelancers to consider for your web-based projects include:


  • App developers. Freelance app developers have the technical skills and abilities needed to build mobile apps from start to finish. To select the best freelancer for your project, make a detailed list of your requirements before beginning the hiring process — including the app’s programming language and platform if you have a preference.


  • Ecommerce developers. If you’re creating an e-commerce website and would prefer to work with a freelancer over a development agency, you’ll need to look for a developer who’s experienced in using your specific e-commerce platform. According to experts at Inc., the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses include Shopify, Wix, Squarespare, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.


  • Content writers. Freelance writers can create engaging content for your website, blog, and social media accounts — helping you to stay connected to your customers and improve search engine rankings.


If you’re hiring an employee instead of a freelancer — or you wish to learn more about a freelancer’s background before deciding to hire him or her — you’ll need to learn how to properly conduct a background check. Start by learning about the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and reviewing your local background check laws for state-specific requirements. In some states, for instance, you can’t conduct a background check unless you’ve made a conditional offer of employment. In other states, you can’t rescind a job offer unless a background check reveals an arrest that led to a criminal conviction.

App development, e-commerce, and blogging are three web-based projects that can help to take your small business to the next level, but you’ll need to enlist the help of the right professionals — whether it’s an app developer, e-commerce developer, or content writer. Fortunately, you can easily use online job boards to find experienced freelancers that fit your project budget, requirements, and timeline.